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COVID 19 – In the interest of health and safety for our staff and students, we’ve decided to suspend all flight training for the foreseeable future. We look forward to getting back in the air again as soon as things start to return to normal. 


Aspect Flight Training Australia is the latest initiative from the long-established Aviation company Superair. Servicing the New England area since 1964, Superair has grown into a highly respected aviation company with safety always the top priority.

Located in new modern facilities with the convenience of a licenced maintenance workshop at your doorstep. Aspect Flight Training Australia are pleased to offer flight training from your very first flight to the height of your aviation dreams.

Traditionally we’ll start with a Recreational Pilot Certificate before converting to a CASA issued RPL. Then, depending on your aviation goals, this can lead onto a Private or Commercial Pilot Licence.

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Here at ASPECT Flight Training
Australia we offer:

  • Safe, effective and enjoyable flight training.
  • Both RAaus and General Aviation training.
  • Extensive pre-flight briefs and debriefs.
  • Full time, friendly and flexible instructors.
  • New modern facilities.
  • Licensed maintenance workshop.
  • Competitive pricing.
Aspect Flight Training