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Flight training packages are available for the entire range of instruction available at Aspect just call David Lang 0499 010 350.

Options include pay hour by hour for a fully flexible plan, a prepaid level by level plan or a full course to Recreational Pilots Licence or Private Pilots Licence

Trial Introduction Flight

This is your first hands-on introduction flight in our Cessna 172. You will be assisted by a qualified flight instructor to take off, fly around the local area and experience what it’s like to fly a powered aircraft.

3 Flight Package

This package gives you a more in-depth feel for seeking a pilot’s licence. You will be taught the first three individual lessons, including a full pre-flight brief and debrief.

The Process


Recreational Pilot Certificate


Passenger and Cross-Country Endorsements


Recreational Pilot Licence


Private Pilot Licence


Commercial Pilot Licence

Do You Want to Learn To Fly? We Can Help

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