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The first step in obtaining your Recreational Pilot Certificate (RPC) is to work towards your first solo flight.

In the early stages of training you will be taught the basics of flying. You will be taught to fly straight and level, climb, descend and turn as well as take off and land the aeroplane.

Besides the flying, each flight has a briefing which introduces new concepts, reinforces previous items and help answer questions you may have about what you are learning.

Once your instructor thinks you are ready he will let you do your first solo take-off and landing, a memorable moment and achievement as a pilot. You must be at least 15 to fly solo. After first solo, we will take a look at some more advanced lessons like engine emergencies and steep turns.

Examinations for the RPC are conducted in house and our team can advise you on what textbooks we recommend to buy.

Once you have completed all your training and have passed a flight test, you can then fly by yourself within a 25nm radius of the aerodrome of departure in a single engine aeroplane with a maximum take-off weight of no more than 600kg. Other additions to the RPC include;

  • Passenger endorsement.
  • Navigation endorsement.

After completing your Recreational Pilot Certificate, we can then convert you to a Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL). The RPL lets you fly heavier aircraft and, with further training, allows you to fly into controlled airspace.

The Process


Become A Member

All you need to do is become a member of RAaus. We’ll help you do this on your first visit.


Start Lessons

Start with basics bringing it all together as we aim for that First solo flight


Ground Training

Guided self-study ground training with assistance from your instructor aiming towards a pass in all required examinations.


Supervised Flying

After your first solo flight there will be further dual flights covering items such as steep turns and how to handle aircraft emergencies.


Solo Flying

Interspersed with your dual flying your solo flight time will increase as you move towards getting your RPC.

Do You Want to Learn To Fly? We Can Help

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